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ABSTRACT:  The United States has long benefited as a leading destination for intelligent and ambitious immigrants.  However, the international competition for the best and brightest immigrants has increased dramatically since the United States last modified its immigration system in 1990.  Many other nations have enacted immigration systems meant to attract these highly valuable immigrants.  These immigration systems are often more objective and transparent than the U.S. immigration system.  This disparity has led many to question whether the United States can continue to attract highly talented immigrants.  This Legal Brief first examines the current U.S. immigration system.  Next, it examines the increasing international competition for the best and brightest immigrants.  Finally, this Legal Brief proposes the creation of a points-based U.S. immigration system that would better attract the types of immigrants we need to keep the United States competitive in a global economy.

For example, President Obama speaks at a naturalization ceremony for 24 members of the United States Armed Forces. The ceremony recognizes the contributions made by immigrant members of the U.S. armed forces who have earned their American citizenship through service to our country, and the contributions immigrants from all walks of life have made to our country throughout its history. Alejandro Mayorkas, Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) presents the home countries of the candidates for citizenship, and DHS Secy. Janet Napolitano administers the oath of citizenship. President Obama also presents Sgt. Ledum Ndaanee, USMC (E-5) with the Outstanding American by Choice recognition, which highlights the outstanding achievements of naturalized U.S. citizens.

Further, recently, several Mexican journalists successfully applied for asylum here in the United States, claiming death threats due to their coverage of the deadly drug war in Mexico.  Can asylum be used by others in Mexico to gain legal entrance into the United States?   With Deborah to discuss just that is Attorney Jason Dzubow.  Dzubow is a partner in a Washington, D.C. law firm, specializing in immigration law and political asylum.

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